genitori per genitori

Il gruppo Krisalide

ATiDU Ticino e Moesano

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Pro Infirmis Ticino e Moesano

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SGB-FSS Fedrazione Svizzera dei Sordi


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Associazioni e federazioni – disabilità uditiva 



Lista audioprotesiste

Swiss Deaf Sport SGSV-FSSS


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Federation of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children

FEPEDA is a non-governmental umbrella organisation set up to represent associations of parents and friends of deaf and hard-of-hearing children at a European level. Its membership includes national and regional associations as well as smaller groups and individuals from all of the European Union, Central and Oriental Europe and the Community of Independent States



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National Cued Speech Association 

All you may know about the cued speech method!


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National Deaf Children's Society Discussion

 Contain 4 discussion boards


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